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Property Improvement
Your HOA can maintain a consistent look throughout the community because the CC&Rs give the HOA the power to approve all changes, modifications or improvements to the exterior of the property. The way the HOA does this is by reviewing applications by homeowners and approving changes.
To get approval for any changes, you must submit a complete Home Alteration Form to the HOA. Plus, you must provide information such as a plot plan marked up to show the location of the proposed improvement or change -please contact J&M to request an ACC form at Jennifer@jandmmanagement.com . The following changes or improvements to your property require HOA approval:
Mail to:
Puyallup Highlands
c/o J&M Management
17404 Meridian E
Suite F PMB 171
Puyallup, WA 98375
Email to: Jennifer@jandmmanagement.com
Fax to: 425-848-1948