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Puyallup Highlands Homeowners Association is dedicated to providing each homeowner with the peace of mind of knowing their community will continue to look and feel as it did when they first moved in.

We are also here to help inform residents of community events, answer questions on any community restrictions and property improvement requirements.

The Puyallup Highlands website is designed to provide residents with all the community information. If you have a question or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact your Board of Directors or Community Association Manager using the links above.

E-mail addresses for HOA Business, Suggestions, Complaints, Community Manager and other helpful links
HOA General Business
and Inquiries
Jennifer@jandmmanagement.com For submitting all HOA Business and General inquiries for the Board of Directors and J&M Management.
HOA Suggestions Jennifer@jandmmanagement.com For submitting suggestions to the Board of Directors and J&M Management.
HOA Complaints   For submitting informal complaints to the Board of Directors and J&M Management (for formal complaints refer to Jennifer@jandmmanagement.com
HOA Community Manager
Jennifer S.
City of Puyallup For reporting issues with street lights.
Board Meeting Minutes
All minutes from Puyallup Highlands HOA Board meetings are located under the "Board of Directors" tab at the top of the page.
Website Registration Requests
Please note that this website does not process any new account registrations at this time as all content is available without registration.  All registration requests are deleted.  Thank you.
Community News
Board Meeting minutes posted
Posted on Jan 18th, 2023
The latest Board Meeting minutes have been posted here.
Subscribe to receive the new digital newsletter
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2022
Click here to subscribe to receive the new version of the Puyallup Highlands HOA newsletter and have it delivered to your email inbox.
Updated community rules and regulations posted
Posted on Jan 24th, 2022
Click here to view the updated community rules and regulations that were approved at the 12/7/2021 annual meeting. These are also posted on the Documents page.

Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.